There are worlds within our world if you know where to look. Some people are tuned in to these other worlds by the magic of their souls. This is just one world, the world of Macia.This is a land of strange beings that war over domination.

The Fae live here, Demons, Witches, Humans, and a new breed…Vampyres. The vampyre were created by Demons but they lost control of them, and now the vampyre threaten to eclipse this world.

Rem was not a big man, maybe 150 pounds, but he was lithe and supple, with a strength that belied his slim profile. Not a man of many words, his eyes usually said enough……try me and die. Few could look into those cold grey orbs smoldering under heavy lids and not look away. Who really wants to stare Death down?
Want more???
You can find Your Life or Mine and the rest of my books at Foboko. Best of all its free!
Your Life or Mine is the first of the Rem series so get in on the action now and check out all the other Indie authors there!
Bobby W. Lee

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