Drifting Slumber

In the dark and silent deep
The barnacled bones of sailors sleep
At the sandy breast of Mother Sea
And dream of land, grass, and tree

They wait for blast of divine horn
So flesh once more they can adorn
To bow their backs to rowing oars
Skimming waves to foreign wars

And breathe again the salty air
To love the maidens they find there
Rusty weapons scattered ’round
These Viking warriors that went down

Valhalla waits for their return
Candles on Odin’s table burn
Valkryies wait with outspread wings
To retrieve these vassals of Northern kings

So now the Warriors sleep and dream
Amongst the crusty beams
No sunlight or moonlight do they see
Until the day that they are free

So dream proud warriors one and all
‘Til we meet in Valhalla’s hall
Our tankards raise and remember you
To all our god’s and Goddess too
Bobby W Lee

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