A novel by,
Bobby W Lee
In deep space, a single Imota floated. Imota are intelligent energy that appear individually as a small twinkling light. Collectively they resemble an ocean of flowing candle flames.
Each has a telepathic link with each other, and as a whole, with input to knowledge gained over billions of years. Imota have the ability to be male, female, or both simultaneously. They own the power of creation of life…from the smallest germ to the largest creature.
Human minds are incapable of encompassing the the complete abilities or designs of the Imota, and only a handful of human beings know they exist at all.
Some of the Imota found a suitable star cluster…positioned themselves in suitable array…then exploded themselves into a galaxy, some planets bearing water…and life. This expanded space a trillion times further along the fabric of time.
The other Imota rippled with pleasure at the beauty and creativity of the participants. Within a billion years, when the theatrics of the galaxy played out…the creative Imota imploded…returning to their original state of being.
But for now…the galaxy began to teem with life…and the struggle to survive. The other Imota watched with rapt attention as the dramaturgy unfolded. As they watched…the darkness crept silently…ever closer.

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