The GodKiller

A new novel I’m working on.


The GodKiller

“The sacrifice of the wicked is detestable-how much more so when brought with evil intent!
Proverbs 21:27

by Bobby W. Lee
The Goddess created these worlds.She created the Fae,the nymphs,the satyrs,the unicorns and all the other creatures of magic to populate it.Then She made humans…devoid of magic…to help balance Her worlds.The Horned God was jealous when he saw what She had crafted.Short on patience,but never one to be outdone,he visited Zeuss and asked permission to take some of his creatures to help populate the Godess’ worlds so that he could say he had a part in it.Zeuss laughed at the Horned God,but told him he could ask Zeuss’ brother,Hades,the God who ruled the underworld.Zeuss had meant it as a joke…the Goddess was his daughter…and Zeus applauded Her creation.But the earnestness of the Horned God touched him…so Zeuss told the Horned God that if Hades would relinquish some of his creatures…the Horned God ccould keep them.To Zess’ astonishment,Hades gave the Horned od seven of his warlords,known as the Demon Lods.The Horned God thanked Hades,and promised that Demon-kind would sacrifice to Hades…rather than the Godess.Hades gave the Horned God a stone,that when placed in the rays of the full moon…would return the Demon-Lords back to their rightful owner.To the Goddess’ chagrin,the Demon-Lords were placed into the worlds that She had created.But since Zeuss himself had told the Horned God that he could keep them…She let them stay.They have caused trouble ever since that day.She went to the Horned God and told him that one day,the Demon-Lords would be cast out of Her worlds.The Horned God didn’t think that very likely…as long as he had posession of the stone that Hades had given him.And so it began…a hidden struggle to take the Goddess’ creation from Her.She was way to powerful for the Horned God and he knew it,to try a direct attack…but if he bided his time…and learned Her weaknesses…then one day he might rule these worlds alone!The Demon-Lords wasted no time creating paths to the Seven Hells…and populating the Goddess’ worlds with their spawn.Their seed…forced on Fae and human women that they subdued and raped,produced different races and types of Demon…but all traced their bloodlines back to the original seven.The Demon-kind were a pestilence on the worlds but a precarious balance was kept…favor swaying from one side to the other over a period of centuries.A prophecy came down from Malin;a Fae-Demon sorceress known for her considerable scrying powers.”The warrior of the Goddess will cross the seas,he will defeat a Demon-Lord in hand to hand battle.He will place the stone in an obelisk…full into the moon’s eye.The stone will split and swallow the Demon-Lords,taking them back to their rightful owner.The warrior himself shall stand before Hades and be marked but returned to these worlds.This will signify the beginning of the end of magic in the Goddess’ creations…it will die and humans will rule.”This is the prophecy of Malin,the exact wording is in the old Fae language.The Demon-Lord’s plan was simple,but effective…either bend the knee to the Horned God Cernunnos or suffer a painful death.The idea was to force everyone to worship Cernunnos regardless that the Goddess was the creator…that She had blessed the world with love,light,and magic.Cernunnos’ plan was to make the populations forget her,or at least a majority.If he could force the subjects to worship him for a generation or two then the precedent was set…her powers would fade while his would grow.She would eventually fade from their collective memory.The Fae,the pixie,and all the creatures that drew their magic from Her…would die out.The dark-based creatures,Demons,vampyres,and others of their ilk would flourish and prosper.Cernunnos planned sole divinity…but at the same time he had to keep the Goddess from discovering his plans.So Cernunnos used kings and wizards as ‘puppet’ rulers over his Demon forces to be able to pretend not to be pulling the strings.Hades was quite content with his holdings,the underworld and the Seven Hells,so Cernunnos was free to operate without having to worry about stepping on Hades’ toes.The Horned God built his armies using the Black Priestess,Tuan the Sorceror,King Beyfuss of Cyrenacia,and others to keep the attention off himself but still amass forces that could be brought together in the end for the final battle for these worlds.In the meantime let uprisings from several different places soften things up.Let Tuan and Beyfuss be thought of as the ringleaders of revolution and keep the Fae and humans busy trying to stamp out fires in all directions.The real threat amassing behind the scenes,assessing weaknesses and preparing for a throat-hold!Cernunnos just had to be very careful arranging meetings wth his underlings…not let his messages of direction fall into the wrong hands….

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