Coping “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” It’s a lie. Words can kill you as surely as any bullet. Not as fast, maybe, but without a doubt.A two o’clock call in the morning killed me. Granted, I still walk and breathe. I go through the daily functions of […]

There are worlds within our world if you know where to look. Some people are tuned in to these other worlds by the magic of their souls. This is just one world, the world of Macia.This is a land of strange beings that war over domination. The Fae live here, Demons, Witches, Humans, and a […]

MoonScape cont.

Chapter 3: Space Truckin’ Sitting in deep space, aboard the “Speckled Bird”…a Dinamic Mining Asset Recovery Vessel (Or DMARV for short) assigned to this vector of space…Tommy Gray, or Tom-Tom as Bill Stratt called him (Tommy called Stratt numerous things), worked feverishly on a keyboard console linked to the ship’s central computer system. The six […]


Chapter 1: Warren Miller Earth, or more specifically the United States (the reigning superpower) announced a plan to improve relations with Mars and open up free trade between the two planets. President Jimmy Conners had ambassadors there now talking to key Martian officials from the Andux province. On the same note, billionaire Warren Miller had […]


Reckonings Blood pattered down onto the dry leaves from his body. He knew his time was drawing near and hastened his pace. He had to see her one more time, one last time. Her smile would make it okay. Make his struggle worthwhile. Dizziness almost toppled him but he leaned against one of the dogwoods […]

Drifting Slumber

In the dark and silent deep The barnacled bones of sailors sleep At the sandy breast of Mother Sea And dream of land, grass, and tree They wait for blast of divine horn So flesh once more they can adorn To bow their backs to rowing oars Skimming waves to foreign wars And breathe again […]

Tarzan Lord of the Pine Jungle

Tarzan Lord of the Pine Jungle The story starts in a small white block house surrounded by bamboo, pines, and the sound of screaming bluejays. This is one of Tarzan’s first memories. He howls like a wolf…the urge just takes him,so he howls. This becomes a morning and evening ritual for him. The hallway leading […]


MoonScape A novel by, Bobby W Lee Foreword: In deep space, a single Imota floated. Imota are intelligent energy that appear individually as a small twinkling light. Collectively they resemble an ocean of flowing candle flames. Each has a telepathic link with each other, and as a whole, with input to knowledge gained over billions […]

The GodKiller

A new novel I’m working on.   The GodKiller “The sacrifice of the wicked is detestable-how much more so when brought with evil intent! Proverbs 21:27 by Bobby W. Lee The Goddess created these worlds.She created the Fae,the nymphs,the satyrs,the unicorns and all the other creatures of magic to populate it.Then She made humans…devoid of […]